Depth : 57m
Dive type : Wreck
Travel time to site :   0H :00M
Price per diver:   75.00

Aracan - 54m

The Aracan 

Was first dived in 1996, it took 18yrs too confirm the wrecks identity. The Aracan was a 864 ton full-rigged sailing ship built by T & J Brocklebank at Bransty, Whitehaven, launched on the 14th April 1854. She traded exclusively to China and India, most often to Calcutta, for the Brocklebank Line, and was one of the fastest of the vessels built at Whitehaven.

The Aracan was lost after collision with a steamship on the 9th March 1874. She was outward bound from London for Singapore and Hong Kong with a mixed cargo including supplies for the 80th regiment of foot (Staffordshire volunteers) who were based out in the far east at the time. En route down the channel she collided with the steamship American sixteen miles off Portland Bill. Both vessels were damaged, and after drifting apart the sailing ship began to sink. The crew were taken off by the Union Co. steamship Syria, which took them, with the American in tow, to Southampton. The master of the Aracan was Captain Charles Harwood, and no lives were lost on the Brocklebank ship.

Discovered and first dived by Grahame Knott in the 90’s, the ship makes for an interesting historical dive. Distance from Weymouth 20 miles.

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