Depth : 54m
Dive type : Technical (deep)
Location : 50 22' 76N
2 48' 53W 
Travel time to site :   2H :00M
Price per diver:   70.00

Algarve SS was a defensively armed British Cargo Steamer of 1,274grt, built in 1898 by Lobnitz & Company, Renfrew, Yard No 487 for DSFDS, Copenhagen. In 1917 she was purchased by Lambert Bros., London as nominee for British government and later in 1917 taken over by the The Shipping Controller (Lambert Bros). On the 20th October 1917 when 15 miles WSW from Portland Bill she was torpedoed without warning and sunk by German submarine UB-38 when on route from Rouen to Swansea in ballast.
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